Hotel La Rusa - A historic and cozy hotel in Baracoa
A hotel next to the Malecon in Baracoa City

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Best greetings to you after the harsh hurricane

By: Ebbe Brems, Denmark Posted: 2016-10-21


My very best greetings to all inhabitants in Baracoa - and especially to you hospital people i hotel La Rusa - after the late hurricane that caused so much destruction, and human pain, to all of you living in that beautiful part of Cuba.

I will NEVER forget my wonderful holyday in Baracoa - and the ultimate natureparc north of the town (a UNESCO awarded area named Parque National Alejandro de Humboldt) - in easter 2013.

I hope you will soon come through this crisis - thanks to your culture of solidarity and human helpfulness - and continue beeing a very attractive place to vicit.

If anyone need to confirm my praise to this part of Cuba - just test it yourself on You Tube (seek both in english and spanish words)


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